1. Creator

From the recording Be Where I Am


Growing my wings in, only to fall 
Fascinated by silence, only to call 
Your name is a puzzle piece, I am like God 
Creating a world I don’t have control of 

I love you all 
And I hear you 

Long lonely malaise, lights are on low 
Live longing to please, if only for show 
Your soul forms a lovely weight only I know 
Creating a world, losing control 

I love you all 
Waiting for the silent answer to my call 
And I feel you 

I am a newborn, innocent and raw 
Eyes wide to absorb all I walk among 
Alone together, beautifully odd 
Creating a world, sacred and flawed 

I love you all 
I love you all 

I will repent for you 
I’ll question everything I do 
Until I have made a perfect world anew